Annual Accounts

All businesses are required to produce annual accounts, in line with Inland Revenue and Company Law regulations. It's important that you work with a company that will get it right first time, every time. As well as being a statutory obligation, annual accounts allow you to take stock of the performance of your company, and to fine-tune your strategy. As experienced accountants we give you the peace of mind that we can:

  •   Efficiently produce fully-compliant accounts
  •   Ensure that you stay within the rules and deliver your accounts on time
  •   Limit your Corporation Tax exposure
  •   Keep you up to date with any changing legislation
  •   Clearly explain your accounts to you, such that you can plan for the future

Tax Services

  • Personal Tax

    Getting your personal tax affairs dealt with needn't be stressful, complicated or expensive. Many people have a number of specific sources of income, such as shares, rental and other assets that may be liable to capital gains tax. We'll ensure that we claim everything you're entitled to and get you the maximum tax rebate if you're due one or get your tax bill down as low as legally possible

  • Company Tax

    Corporation Tax is a tax on a limited company's taxable income and profits. We make sure that every allowable expense is included in order to minimise your organizations' tax liability. We will also advise on any reliefs available to further minimise the tax bill. Furthermore, we can also provide advice on structuring your business in the most tax-efficient manner

Accounting Services

  • Payroll

    With the increased complexity surrounding payroll obligations, outsourcing your payroll function can be a time and cost effective solution. Our service includes the day to day management of your payroll, including:
      Remuneration management
      Dealing with HMRC on your behalf
      Filing of annual returns
      PAYE fulfilment
      Reminding you of deadlines
      Statutory payments
      Holiday pay calculations

  • VAT

    VAT is one of the most complex components of the UK tax system, with ever-changing legislation that often make correct VAT application a challenge, to say the least. Solutions In Accounting has significant expertise in this area, with logical systems and procedures that give you maximum cash-flow advantage. Our service include:
      VAT Planning
      HMRC Investigations
      Transactional advice
      VAT Health-checks

  • Bookkeeping

    Much more than just keeping track of wages and payments, bookkeeping also involves such activities as asset depreciation, tracking of debtors and creditors, and the accurate recording of these figures. Each task has its own rules, and it is therefore important to work with an experienced accountant. We are able to demonstrate an exemplary pedigree in this area; providing bookkeeping services to over 80 customers

  • Management Accounting

    Management accounts give you a current view of profitability, and allow you to steer your business. They are not a legal requirement, but it is hard to run a business effectively without them. When you outsource your management accounts to us, we will tailor them to your requirements, but they would typically include:
      Profit & Loss Sheet
      Balance Sheet
      Month-on-month comparisons
      Comparisons with budget

Sage Training

Get the most from your Sage software

Our team of trained Sage software experts can help you and your business get the most out of your Sage software. You will typically see the following benefits:

  Advantage over your competition
  Keep your customers happy
  Keep your staff happy
  Be more efficient

Whatever the size of your business, we have a variety of training solutions to suit you. We can deliver the training on-site, or at our premises. We can deliver off-the-shelf training, or provide a solution completely tailored to your requirements